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Adex Tile

Adex USA Tile

Because Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, and Andre 3000 have spoken the words of great truth, we can no longer go on denying that it is time to get back to the basics with Adex USA Tiles. If you were anything like most young, eager and rebellious individuals you probably went through a phase where you wore questionable outfits to garner attention of only the most flattering forms of course. Maybe you added safety pins to your tops, experimented with hair color in a big way, or simply refused to wear a pair of socks that match? But hopefully you eventually saw your inner beauty as your greatest asset and let the pink hair fade back to its natural hue while those bright pants with so many pockets gathered dust at the foot of your bed. If you’ve made it to this stage of life then you too are ready for Adex USA floors.

Making traditional tiles for contemporary people, each collection is gorgeous, refined and your one-way ticket to adulthood. No one can contest that you’ve made it to the fabled land of responsible decisions and sensibility once you’ve lined your hallowed halls with the crackled glazed surface of the porcelain Hampton Collection or any of the four classic neutrals that make up the exquisite Nero Collection. To keep adulthood from feeling boring, never forget how eager you were to reach the stage of your life where you can do what you want by choosing whether you want to use White, Bone, Black and Celery on their own or in any amount of endless combinations that you have complete creative control over. And if solid colors just don’t quite get you going, there is no shame in spicing things up – from the ground up – with Adex USA’s Porcelain Mosaics Collection. Characterized by their delicate character and a touch of whimsy, grown ups really can have their cake and eat it, too.