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Alfagres Tile Vesuvius

Alfagres Vesuvius Ceramic Tile

The stone look ceramic Vesuvius series by Alfagres is a testament to southern Italy’s unquestionable and timeless sense of style. The around surrounding the volcano Vesuvius is so naturally beautiful and has such a distinct sense of classic style that people cannot get enough – Vesuvius is so moving that stylish devotees keep returning to the locale even though the active looming volcano that the series is named after has erupted so many times. The landscape and culture are so unique that die hard fans continue to flock to the area where the only volcano on the European mainland has erupted within the last hundred years. 3,000,000 People living nearby can’t be wrong. Alfagres’ ceramic recreation of the stone look that is so popular in this Italian region is available in three gorgeous and understated neutral shades of Crema, Noca, and Ivory. We will always prefer Ben & Jerry’s to gelato and baseball to soccer but we can admit that Italy knows what’s up when it comes to what looks nice. To be fair they have had hundreds of years more experience. So let’s take a stone from their…tablet…and incorporate some stone look ceramic in our spaces with the Vesuvius series. The tough Italian stone has outlasted World Wars, Twitter Wars, and decades of lethal looking stiletto heels, so this series is sure to outlast a few decades of you running in circles like a chicken with its head cut off.

Plus, if you spill your well deserved glass of chianti in the chaos, ceramic cleans up much better than porous stone tile. Available in 3x12, 8x12, 12x12 and 12x12 mosaic, even though it is made of tougher than tough ceramic you will have more flexibility with your interior design than the unfortunate souls buried alive under a sea of volcanic ash or wall to wall shag carpeting.