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Alfagres Tile

Alfagres Tile

We are happy to let you know that legally intoxicating things such as the Alfagres stunning ceramic products are also a native of Colombia as opposed to those not welcomed into the US. The Alfagres ceramics company has 54 years of experience in the ceramics business, even longer than some of the new businesses that were started and expired by persons called Escobar.

They had started by making conglomerate flooring of Italian marble or terrazzo and slowly moved into making more variations with ceramics and other stoneware. Their one stop shop factory featuring the latest Italian technology is situated at the Colombian Atlantic providing clients with various excellent wall coverings, floor tiles and durable products which is not only pleasing but also long lasting.

Products such as ceramic tiles, stone tiles, terrazzo and quarry tiles are all available from the Alfagres company. Take a look at some of Alfagres’s deco edging and deco tiles under the Alabastrino. For a traditional European look, this is something to ponder about. Classic Italian is perfectly captured with the Pompei collection where multiple spectrum under beige and coffee colors are wonderfully made while climbing vines make an appearance as déco tiles. The Mediterranean bodies of water are presented in the clear blue scenes of Trento, also available with beautifully carved diamantine patterns in them. The Vulcano and Madera are so unique, you will never find another copy with other brands. For every taste, the Alfagres has something, true to Colombian style.

The Alfagres company as been known in the North American market since thirty years ago and they are still steadily expanding. They take pride in not only by being environmentally friendly by using recycled materials and practising low emissions but they take even greater pride in being socially responsible as well. This can be seen in their enthusiasm by creating good values stressed through various social programs for employees and their families.

They are involved in special programs to teach hand crafting skills to their employees which creates sustainable alternative work. This enables an improved living conditions for employees while they move away from working in a drug ring related work. This, when you acquire Alfagres products, you are also contributing to a drug free social and economic environment for the natives of Colombia.