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Amazon Vila Do Conde Series

Amazon Vila Do Conde Series

When you hear the name Vila Do Conde under the Amazon Hardwood Floor collections, you know it has got to do something with aristocracy in some exotic language. Actually, the exotic language is Portugeuse and it loosely translates to “Village of the Earl”. If you are thinking of a theme that has got to do with aristocracy and nobility, this would the flooring you would need.

Under the Vila Do Conde Series from Amazon Hardwood, you will get some of the finest looking beauties in the world made from the African and Brazilian wood species. Not only you will have the exotic but you will have in the aristocratic terms too with this particular collection. Now, the royalty is not limited only to the Queen of England. There are royalties all over Europe and Asia too although the Asians are more into porcelain and marbles so we won’t be covering them here.

The Dutch and Spanish royalties have their own very old grand palaces to go with their exotic histories. Most of these palaces are of course laden with great, rolling hardwood flooring made from tree species from all over the world. You would probably find something like what is offered under the Amazon Hardwood Vila Do Conde in some of them.

Have a looksy at African Mahigany Ebano and African Mahogany Pimenta Preta. The Dutch were in many parts of the African continent in those days and it won’t be a surprise if the Great Orange King had some of these wood transported for his summer palaces in Apeldoorn.

The Spanish on the other hand would have been inclined to take some of those Brazilian cherry species like the one available under the Vila Do Conde series, the Brazilian Cherry Natural for their beloved queen’s parlour room. But wait, there are also the African Mahogany Natural, African Mahogany Rio Espresso and African Mahogany Caramello too.

One of the great historical secrets that we might not know about is that perhaps, the Spanish and the Dutch traded their wood flooring simply because that’s what they did! So now, you like one of those exotic European nobility also have a choice in picking of these grand dames of hardwood flooring under the Vila Do Conde series.