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American Florim Afrika Porcelain

American Florim Afrika Porcelain

American Florim Afrika collection is inspired by the warm color palette evocative of a faraway land that is home to diverse ethnicities and languages. This porcelain collection may just as well be a flooring extension of Michael Kors’ showroom – all tans and olive greens and fur trim no faux. Think glamping safari in twenty-foot tents made of cotton canvas and stocked high with champagne and not sparkling wine.

Whether you live down on Wisteria Lane in the suburbs or your country farmhouse could use a little exoticism outside of the pleasure chamber only the architect knows you’re hiding, the Afrika collection will definitely add a glamorous foreign element to any domestic space.

On a much more minimal level than a zebra throw rug or leopard print loveseat, the sinuous lines coursing throughout the collection evokes the soft movements of the wind and the organic shapes of the Sahara’s otherworldly sand dunes.

Named for some of the African continent’s most famous hotspots, the colors in this collection have the power to harness the glowing hues of a tropical savanna sunset that could rival the opening scene of the Lion King. Both Cairo and Dakar boast an impressive surface that successfully reproduces the glowing colors only found in the most heavenly tropical savanna sunsets, squawking Zazu not included. The colors found in both Nairobi and Capetown embody the wide range of sensations and atmospheres of this ancient continent, mixing deep greys and almost-blacks seamlessly with bright browns and rusty reds.

With a color palette ripped right from the floor of Africa your next game of cat and mouse could last much longer than normal. And you know what they say: anticipation builds suspense, and suspends and heightens pleasure. Use your sexy floors as camouflage next time one of your kids screams your name and you just cannot be asked to try and help them through their math homework again. We can’t all be good at everything, after all.