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American Florim Galaxy

A Universal Feel with American Florim Galaxy

A variety in moods, a variety of colors and a variety of fans is what American Florim Galaxy presents. Two worlds are beautifully combined in this collection showcasing the best of both. A few months ago, the trends in flooring took on the face of fusion and this is what is represented here. The natural luster of porcelain is fused in the heart of sandstone and both properties are what the Galaxy collection embodies. The result is a stunning, unprecedented collection that harbors the grace and visual aspect of natural stone, while providing the durability and low maintenance features of porcelain tile.


The American Florim Galaxy collection is ¼ recycled materials and is made available in a vast spectrum of colors. For every design concept that you are playing around with your mind, you will find a color and even mix multiple in the same room. The six-shade palette in this collection is out of this world breathtaking, beginning with Galaxy Silver, where reminiscent of silvery moon beams shooting down from a pitch-black sky is what comes to mind. Your intention for black painted walls could have these as floors in a jarring contrast.


Fall in love with the Galaxy Nero, a pitch black offering that is impossible to differentiate from black slate with subtle silver markings. For another jarring contrast, switch those black walls to off white and have these accompanying. The Galaxy Grigio is the most traditional aesthetic stone color in this stunning collection for traditional design concepts. Shades of brown are covered in the Galaxy Beige, Galaxy Hazelnut and Galaxy Nutmeg. The design plans are endless with these well-loved colors.


Adding to the design versatility of this collection are the multiple sizes available both for floors and walls. Make a bold statement whether in a commercial setting or a residential one with the many gorgeous color options under the American Florim Galaxy collection.