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American Florim Jewel

A Sparkling Home with American Florim Jewel

You would love the American Florim Jewel if you were a sucker for natural stone flooring but can’t be bothered with the maintenance that comes with it. Travertine and slate is the main influence in this natural stone-inspired collection. In the US alone, travertine is a big winner when it comes to elemental looks and it is captured here elegantly on porcelain. Several options have been given here and your design possibilities are endless whether you desire a traditional ambience, a modern installation or a contemporary style.


The American Florim Jewel lineup is designed to work well with nearly any décor theme, reflecting this collection’s revolving features. The pieces are also resistant to freeze-thaw cycles and their water absorption rate is only 0.5 percent. People who live Seattle and New Orleans or anywhere that’s humid, rejoice! This floor is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to wetness.


Five colors and six sizes in also semi-polished finish options are available inclusive of the 2 x 2 mosaic pieces. Choose the small 6 x 6, or the standard 12 x 12, the monolithic 18 x 18, the elongated 12 x 24, or the large format 18 x 36 porcelain tiles.


The Jewel Petrolio’s dark blend emulates the slate look and it is a great choice to add luxury in formal spaces, such as living rooms, dining rooms and dens. Choose light fabrics for a stark contrast or darker colors to underscore the difference. In contrast, the Jewel Beige exhibits more of a travertine feel and with its water resistant attributes, this is a great choice for all bathrooms and modern kitchens alike. For a scrumptious beige, look to the neutral shades of Jewel Noce, the versatile shade which showcases elements of both travertine and marble for a sophisticated ambience wherever it is applied. Consider the Jewel Silver and Jewel Grigio for other elegant rooms too. All in all, the American Florim Jewel is the perfect application for every room in your home so don’t miss out on this choice opportunity.