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American Florim Timeout

American Florim Timeout

Think of the last gorgeous, contemporary, expensive boutique you walked into with clothes or products hung sparingly, comfortable leather chairs, and the most amazing mahogany flooring you've ever seen. Or maybe you took yourself to a retro spa hotel in Palm Springs and spent the night in a cozy 50's lifeguard inspired room with charming gray planks on the floor.

That's what you'll get with our American Florim TimeOut collection -- a timeless and durable stoneware interpretation of wood floors -- and new memories. Your family, friends, or customers will gasp at the gorgeous floor and want it for themselves. So, of course you should point them to us.

But in the meantime, whether you've got a storefront, an office, art gallery, or you want this look at home, TimeOut comes to your DIY rehab rescue in four gorgeous shades ranging from deep mahogany to soft gray neutrals. Gray as a neutral is the new tan - it goes with everything you can throw at it.

An Italian porcelain tile, made in the USA, American Florim TimeOut comes in a unique 6x36 size that's eye-catching and fits any surface so you can line your counter, or appreciate the look of a fully tiled wall. Resistant to germs, bacteria, freeze, and fade, porcelain tile is environmentally friendly, impervious to water, and very durable. Easy to clean too, you will be happy with your purchase in every way.

With one of our American Florim TimeOut collection tiles, your commercial or residential contemporary architectural space will be the talk of the town and you'll be kicking yourself for waiting so long.