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American Florim Vintage

American Florim Vintage

American Florim Vintage is an Italian glazed porcelain, made in the USA, and just about as charming as any porcelain tile on the market. It's simply to die for. But don't do that. We want you to stick around long enough to enjoy your newly rehabbed space and style.

Choose from four neutrals and dark shades and patterns in our collection that are inspired by the retro chic style you've been looking for. Fully detailed with moderate shade variation using Florim USA unique technology which designs a stoneware plank "that mimics the visual impressions found in nature," American Florim Vintage is an absolutely incredible porcelain interpretation of wooden floors.

American Florim Vintage tiles come in a unique 6x36 size that's trendy but timeless, charming but modernizing. And don't forget: oh so retro chic! It fits any surface so you can take it up the full wall, or keep it on the floor. Resistant to germs, bacteria, freeze, and fade, porcelain tile is environmentally friendly, impervious to water, and very durable. Easy to clean too, you will be happy with your purchase in every way, whether it's for residential or commercial use.

Go for broke and put this tile everywhere in your home, spa or office. Your restaurant is begging for an update or you could be really nice and put it in your Mother-in-Law's pad (and take all the credit). Everyone will love the look, and you'll feel absolutely decadent and on point with your choice. Vintage is in, vintage is cool. You're in, you're cool. Make it happen with this tile.