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American Olean Belmar Ceramic

American Olean Belmar Ceramic

While we absolutely love the way that natural stone brings a perfect rustic-meets-sophisticated feel into our homes while making us feel just that much closer to nature, it sure is hard to ignore the fact that beautiful mountains are sometimes blasted to smithereens for the sake of providing so many Mother Earth hating asses with fine flooring. Because of this, we love the American Olean Belmar collection which, a ceramic tile collection that offers a flawless natural stone appearance while allowing us to sleep easy with the knowledge that no mountains were injured during its making. Indeed, Belmar, with its flawless design that American Olean used an advanced 3D high definition non-repeating ink-jet print technology (try saying that three times really fast) to create, is a perfect solution for that shabby space of yours that currently has a gaudy repeat of pattern within every tile. Yeah, we went there, and if you’re upset about it, then pick up your phone and order some Belmar today!

Five colors awesome, American Olean Belmar can be found in Pearl, a creamy oyster white, Olive, a java with green inflections, Cashmere, a soft beige, Pewter, a chic and sophisticated gray, and Tortoise, a wonderful mix of coppers, coffees, and tans. Also, American Olean Belmar has been manufactured into a 6” x 6”, a 9” x 12”, a 12” x 12”, and an 18” x 18” field tile size, as well as a beautiful matching 2”x 2 mosaic and 3” x 12” bullnose. Sweetly and simply put, if you are looking for a tile that is both beautiful and mountain friendly, Belmar has your name blasted all over it.