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American Olean Bevalo Porcelain

American Olean Bevalo Porcelain

American Olean Bevalo tiles bring the majestic look of natural stone into your living space for a blend of organic beauty with contemporary style. The durability of glazed porcelain floor tile ensures that your Architectural Design cover photo of a home stays immaculate with every step you take, every drink you spill (alcohol abuse!), every tug of war with your mastiff that ends in you loosing and the dog spinning across the room. Tough, easy to clean, and timeless, you will be right at home with your Bevalo flooring for decades to come! And the ceramic wall tiles are a dream to design with! Perfect for surrounds, kitchen, bathroom, and accent walls, you will adore the fresh look of ancient stone!

Bevalo tiles come in four organic shades for an easy pallet to integrate with other natural materials and fibers, as well as mix into a wide variety of bold color schemes. Choose from the light grays of Dove, the foggy shades of Mist, the dark granites of Charcoal, and the warm browns of Earth. Great for indoor and outdoor applications, your patio can seamlessly become your livingroom floor, and match your pool lining tile as well! Whether you are working with 3" x 3" mosaics in the shower, 10" x 14" slabs down the hallway, 12" x 12" tiles in the kitchen, 12" x 24" pieces in the patio, or monolithic 18" x 18" tiles on the terrace, you will fall in love with the effortless grace that American Olean Bevalo tiles bring to your environment!