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American Olean Bright & Matte Profiles Ceramic

American Olean Bright & Matte Profiles Ceramic

If you were one of those children that loved to color and play with paints and crayons and anything else on this green earth with color, then the American Olean Bright and Matte collection is sure to take you back to that mode of unadulterated creativity and fun. Designed with the utmost in versatility in mind, the Bright and Matte Series was made for the long and winding road. And, by long and winding road we actually mean your kitchen, bathrooms, dining areas, and pretty much anywhere else you can think of. You see, American Olean had a dream. A dream that, one day, the designers of the world would rise up and demand a versatile flooring option that would truly enhance and bring life to everything it touched. A dream that one day, every nook and every cranny of every home would be infused with the proper amount of style and posh. A dream that children and their children’s children would be able to enjoy the tile fruits of their tile labor. Ladies and gents, this dream, this…tile dream of dreams, it has truly come to life via the American Olean Bright and Matte series.

Offered in a perfectly simple range of colors, American Olean Bright and Matte can be found in Biscuit, a light taupe, Black, a chic midnight, Cappuccino, a beautiful mocha brown, Nutmeg, a deep chocolate, and San Dollar, a sophisticated light silver. Additionally, all colors come in both glossy and matte varieties, and size availability includes a 3” x 6”, a 6” x 8”, an 8” x 8”, and a, 8” x 10” field tile size, as well as a matching bullnose. So, fulfill the dream and infuse your shanty with the revolutionary awesomeness that is the American Olean Bright and Matte collection!