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American Olean Color Appeal

American Olean Color Appeal Collection - Wholesale Prices at Ecomoso


American Olean aptly named the Color Appeal Collection - with color being the first characteristic of these magnificent mosaics to wake up the senses. This collection returns to playing with the stunning allure of light-capturing glass and offers a refreshed color palette, new sizes and trendy glass and stone blends. The sophistication of this collection is shown in its range of both cool and warm, traditional neutral tones, along with a lively new color group which makes the collection pop. Additionally, marble and travertine are blended harmoniously with neutral glass hues - which are the perfect accompaniment to the various stone selections in American Olean Color Appeal. This expansive collection of glass wall tile, mosaics and natural stone blends offers a vast array of design possibilities and are sure to add sophistication and class to any residential or commercial project.

The Color Appeal Collection begins with 27 different colors of solid glass tiles, which come in 2x8-inch glass field tiles, 3x6-inch glass field tiles and 4x12-inch glass field tiles - which allow for custom pattern and designs. The colors - which move from neutral to bright and colorful - are: Pearl (opulent white), Silver Cloud (matte silvery grey), Oxford Tan (muted brown), Cloud Cream (creamy, sandy brown), Plaza Taupe (grayish-brown), Moonlight (soft, pearly blue), Vintage Mint (antique green), Fountain Blue (turquoise-blue), Powder (soft sky blue), Dusk (denim blue), Grasshopper (medium green), Celedon (light, pastel green), Sable (golden brown), Copper Brown (with deep, blood red tones), Brandied Melon (soft orange and red), Auburn (brighter orange-red), Cherry (fiery red), Orchid (gray with a hint of brown), Mink (metal grey), Cloudburst (silvery gray with a polished look), Charcoal Gray, Slate (jet black), Vibrant Yellow, Lime Green, Hawaiian Ocean (bright blue), Orange Peel and Plum (bold purple).

American Olean then took those 27 shades and mixed them beautifully on 1x1-inch mosaic blends, mesh-mounted on nominal 12x12-inch artistic glass mosaics (also available in solid colors). There are eight gorgeous, unique blends on which you’ll find: bright and vibrant blues in the Sea Pearl Blend (Pearl/Vintage Mint/Fountain Blue); a dreamy midnight blue aesthetic in the Blue Moon Blend (Pearl/Powder/Dusk); a neutral palette with a pop of green in the Willow Brook Blend (Grasshopper/Celedon/Oxford Tan/Plaza Taupe); the perfect blend of browns and grays in the Sand Storm Blend (Oxford Tan/Plaza Taupe/Cloud Cream); a different take on brown meets gray in the Pecan Grove Blend (Sable/Oxford Tan/Plaza Taupe/Cloud Cream); pops of red with reddish- and gray-brown hues in the Earth Fire Blend (Copper Brown/Oxford Tan/Cloud Cream/Auburn); a black, gray and white affair in the Silver Spring Blend (Silver Cloud/Pearl/Charcoal Gray); and grays and black cap the collection in the Midnight Sky Blend (Cloudburst/Charcoal Gray/Silver Cloud/Slate). Each blend is also offered as a glass random interlocking mosaic, which are mesh-mounted on nominal 12x17-inch pieces.

Six more blends are available in both 3-inch Random Glass & Stone Mosaics and ⅝-inch Random Glass & Stone Mosaics. Those striking and upscale blends are: the Pacific Coast Blend, which uses the Pearl and Moonlight shades mixed with Botticino Marble the capture the look of a seaside coast; the Sea Cliff Blend, which combines Cloudburst and Charcoal Gray with Silver Screen Marble for a unique stone wall pattern; the Mountain Morning Blend, a mix of Silver Cloud, Mink and Chenille White; the Pebble Beach Blend, a grey and brown marble look Emperador (in light and dark shades) for a textured look with Cloud Cream for color contrast; the Canyon Trail Blend, which blends Cloud Cream, Oxford Tan and Copper Brown hues with Noce Travertine to texturize; and the Tortoise Shell Blend, an artistic and sophisticated mix of popular shades Mink, Sable and Oxford Tan with the marble look Emperador (Dark).

The American Olean Color Appeal Collection is a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art series and will undoubtedly take your design to the next level. Specifically designed for custom walls, backsplashes and pool linings, this collection has been increasingly popular with interior designers, architects, contractors and builders, as well as homeowners looking to enhance their homes with a remodel or upgrade completely by starting a new project from scratch. Either way, we are happy to answer any questions regarding the Color Appeal Collection, and we recommend looking over these other factors to consider when remodeling your home.

Ecomoso is a proud American Olean distributor and offers wholesale pricing and low-cost shipping. For more information regarding using mosaic tile patterns for home decor, click here. Shop American Olean Color Appeal below.