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American Olean Crosswood Hex

American Olean Crosswood Hex

Come on, Queen Bee, we've got work to do. These American Olean Crosswood hexagonal glass mosaic tiles have us all buzzing with the design possibilities. Bathrooms - oh my, so many options! Floors and surrounds, backsplashes and cabinets, walls and showers. Mix and match! We're barely able to contain ourselves. Fly on over to the kitchen and think about the kitchen island surrounded in honeycomb or a real statement piece backsplash. The floor is a really cool, daring option too. Just think about it. This American Olean Crosswood hexagonal glass mosaic tile collection offers amazing variety and enough colors that you'll be stung with so many choices, you'll have a hard time picking just one.

American Olean Crosswood hexagonal glass mosaic tile comes in four different color arrangements on 11" x 11 13/16" sheets of pure honeycomb bliss. The absolute visual depth and movement in each piece of glass and group of mosaics is stunning. There's no inch of your space that could ever bore you now that you've got this beautiful glass tile. But "bee" careful, you might find yourself staring off into the depths of your tiles instead of gettings things done, you lazy little worker bee.

Go go gadget honeycomb for nearly everything in your home: floors, walls, backsplashes, surrounds, showers, countertops, pool linings. Dry or wet, as long as they're level and interior. Not suitable for pool decks or ramps, it is suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed.