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American Olean Designer Elegance

American Olean Designer Elegance is the Perfect Finishing Touch to Reflect Your Uniqueness

Everyone who is anyone knows that no self-respecting human can finish off a room decked out in American Olean tiles without a few stylish flairs in the form of American Olean’s Designer Elegance Accent Tile collection. Like a cake without frosting or a button-down without cufflinks, an interior with Designer Elegance Accent Tiles feels incomplete. Just because you’ve slapped some paint on the walls and chosen some impeccable American Olean tiles to walk all over does not mean your space is good to go. A house doesn’t become a home until it is decorated with personal touches, like art on the fridge and that oddly slippery welcome mat your mother-in-law bought you as a wedding present instead of donating to the Smile Train as you requested.

That collection of Precious Memories figurines may be a personal touch that you keep upstairs and out of the way of house guests, but American Olean’s Designer Elegance collection of listellos just begs to be showed off. These super special decorative tiles display a wide variety of gorgeous graphic motifs. Created with a seductive range of colors and/or reliefs, these accent listellos were specifically designed by the innovative folks at American Olean to perfectly complement any number of American Olean wall tiles that may have caught your wonky eye. With a shocking and impressive range of accent strips, rope liners, dots and chair rails, the Designer Elegance collection makes personalized interior design simple for even the unlucky, unstylish few - you know who you are.

Don’t settle for a space that could have come straight from a flooring warehouse catalog – you’re better than that. American Olean’s Designer Elegance accent listellos make it possible for all of us to create a room that reflects our personality and style aesthetics without leading us astray.