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American Olean Entity Colorbody Porcelain

American Olean Entity Colorbody Porcelain

Regardless of whether intelligent life exists on other planets, at least there is a sign of tasteful life on this one, with American Olean's Entity collection! (Apparently, the folks at NASA didn't get the memo that it's questionable if intelligent life even exists on our own planet!) The Entity line's unique application of hematite, a silvery metallic mineral, offers a luminous element that is so striking, you will want to have a close encounter with this Entity in every room of your home!

The American Olean Entity collection is a study in rich stone colors with a hint opulence. Just look at these five fabulous hues. Sepia Element brings a cocoa brown to your rooms, which literally grounds your space. The simply named Brown Material has a luxuriant depth to it, akin to the richness of a Cuban cigar. The flannel gray flecked beauty of Ash Particle makes it perfect for modern designs. Gray Unit, is, in fact, not the name of one of Fank Zappa's kids, but rather a lavender blue-gray tile that sparkles with panache. The refined look of Black Matter is 007, opening night, going to the opera in a tuxedo good looking!

Entity tiles are available in unpolished and lightly polished finishes. Monolithic 24" x 24" tiles make for an impressive entry way; 12" x 24" tiles can be installed in an offset brick pattern for walls and floors; 12" x 12" pieces work perfectly in a grid pattern; and long and lean 6" x 24" tiles accentuate the depth of a space. Interlocking offset accent tiles install in shower surrounds and feature walls with ease on their 12" x 12" mesh backing.

So if you are on a mission to explore new worlds of good taste, beam up American Olean Entity tiles today!