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American Olean Entourage Abstracts Wavy Glass

American Olean Entourage Abstracts Wavy Glass

‘Abstracts’ Wavy Glass is the name of a new range of glass tiles made by American Olean, a company that is renowned among the consumers for its beautiful and high quality tiles. This new range of glass tiles is a part of a new collection labeled as American Olean Entourage Collection. Glass tiles have become a rage among consumers these days as they are capable of improving the décor of the place where they are installed. American Olean ‘Abstracts’ Wavy Glass is a range of glass tiles that is a show stopper in every sense of the word. Using this beautiful tile, you can increase the visual appeal of your home and the business appeal of your company.

The tiles made under the range called American Olean Abstracts Wavy Glass are smooth and glossy and they contain different designs. The biggest benefit of these tiles lies in the fact that they reflect light and thus help in making a room look larger than it is. Use of these tiles in a bathroom helps in making it livelier and brightly lit. These tiles also find application in kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, swimming pools, and shopping malls.

American Olean Abstracts Wavy Glass are available in 8 beautiful colors and designs. Pearl- It is a beautiful glossy tile with a wavy design. It has a light grey color and a size of 4X12 inches. Silver Cloud- They have a silvery hue with a wavy design. Cloud Cream- These tiles have a golden hue and carry the design of a wave. Plaza Taupe- These are beautiful glass tiles with a grey brown color tone. Vintage Mint- As the name implies, these tiles have the color of mint. Fountain Blue- These glass tiles are very popular because of their watery blue hue. Mink- These are dark grey glass tiles with a wavy pattern. Charcoal Gray- These tiles have a gray and black color tone.

American Olean Entourage Abstracts Wavy Glass can be used on the walls as well as floors. They are highly versatile and help in increasing the visual appeal of the place they are installed in. They are a little pricey but they help in beautifying the place where they are used.