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American Olean Entourage Jubilance

American Olean Entourage Jubilance Glass

Jubilance: The Next Stage of Opulence in Glass Tiles

Whether you are going in for a renovation of your kitchen or bathroom or getting your new home constructed, you must choose wisely when it comes to tiles for the walls and the space above the countertop. American Olean is a company that has always been ahead of its completion in the world of floor and wall tiles. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the huge range of glass and marble tiles that you can use on the floor and walls of your home, especially the bathroom and the kitchen. Wait till you com e across Jubilance, a fantastic new range of marble and glass mosaic that American Olean has invented for the connoisseurs.

American Olean Jubilance is a mesmerizing new product that is just perfect for backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms. This majestic range of tiles is composed of vertically oriented tiles that are arranged in a random order. Thus you get a thick or a thin tile one after the other and in colors that are chosen to make the backsplash irresistible. Backsplash is an area inside kitchen that becomes dirty quickly because of use of oils and spices besides spills of liquids over it every now and then. This new range of glass tiles that American Olean has come up with is very easy to be cleaned up with just a damp piece of cloth. You can also wash the backsplash to keep it looking like new.

People are really choosy when time comes to selecting the color of the tiles for the backsplash. The same is the case with tiles on the opposite side of the shower. American Olean has kept this requirement in mind while introducing the range of American Olean Jubilance. This mosaic of glass and marble tiles is available in squares of 11 ¾’’X12’’ and you have the option of choosing between no less than 6 shades to match the tiles perfectly with the furniture and the fittings in your home.

Spirit JB03 is the tile in this range that is bluish in nature. Thus it is ideal for use in bathrooms. Joy JB02 is the tile that is perfect for homes having gray furniture and fittings. Bliss, Elation, Triumph, and Glee are the remaining tiles in Jubilance that are brownish in nature and thus can be easily used in most of the settings. You will not want to settle for anything less than Jubilance after watching it in a store near you.