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American Olean Entourage Marble Weave

American Olean Entourage Marble Weave

The American Olean Entourage Marble Weave collection is fun, functional, sophisticated, and yet slightly traditional. If you love your geometric squares, but want more style in your space, you want the marble weave. This is an offset marble glass mosaic, meaning the glass pieces are randomly placed and there's a spectacular shade variation throughout.

Before getting started on your accent wall or backsplash, be sure to tell the neighborhood you're going to have the best tile in all the homes around you. Or not. But you'll certainly feel that way, and it will be the truth. You'll wake up in the morning to brew yourself a cuppa next to this masterpiece of a backsplash in your kitchen and just feel really arrogant and boastful. We can do that for you... with American Olean Entourage Marble Weave tile!

Likewise, won't this tile look ahhhh-mazing in your bathroom as an accent wall? Imagine waking up to this every morning. And your kids will take their markers and crayons back to drawing on their own walls just out of deep respect for your style. If you install this tile in your breakroom at the office, people will want to spend the night in there, or at the very least they'll want to take longer breaks. So maybe that's not such a smart idea. We caution using it in the office bathroom for the same reason. But if you have a boutique or spa, this American Olean Entourage Marble Weave tile collection is definitely one of your choices.