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American Olean Entourage Refluence Glass

American Olean Refluence Glass

The American Olean Refluence glass tile mosaics are all so visually stunning with incredible depth and movement, no one will ever accuse you of being bland or boring in your choices. And what's really great too is that you can put this tile in just a tiny area with the biggest impact, or you can go all out and put it on a surround, an entire wall, or the whole room. The choice is yours, go with your gut.

This American Olean Refluence glass mosaic tile is a great juxtaposition of both random and linear. It takes you on a comfortable linear journey, for sure, but the totally random color streaks and depths will put your eyes in a dizzying, wonderful time-out. You could go completely modern with a clean, minimalist concept in every sense of the space but BOOM, slap this strikingly beautiful mosaic up on a backsplash or tub surround for high impact designing.

You're not pigeon-holed into wildness either. You can very easily put this sultry tile in a more transitional room where it sits side-by-side with a somewhat traditional design. It then becomes a focal point in the room, but not overwhelming or strange. It's beauty fits right in and calls upon more Earthy things like water elements. Trust me!

American Olean Refluence glass tile mosaics make a statement without saying a single word. They come in a palette of six to choose from in the best contemporary colors too. These 13 1/8" x 12" sheets of linear mosaics look stunning as a pool liner, on walls, backsplashes and surrounds. Being glass, they're not suitable for countertops or floors, of course.