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American Olean Graphic Effects

American Olean Graphic Effects - On Sale at Ecomoso


American Olean Graphic Effects is where innovation and sophistication meet to produce a state-of-the-art graphic display. This unprecedented process is called Visual Imaging advanced graphics technology, and it brings many important characteristics to the tile, such as clarity, texture, brightness and contrast - all of which offer unmatched detailed visual effects for a seamless flow when moving from tile to tile. The large-format tiles have made this collection a favorable one to homeowners looking to renovate or remodel walls, as well as interior designers, architects, contractors and builders - adding bold design with a soft gloss to walls in any commercial or residential project.

Graphic Effects features a neutral color palette with six shades. From lightest to darkest, respectively, they are - White Space, Aspect Almond, Sepia Tint, Halftone, Grayscale and Deep Pigment. The durable ceramic wall and backsplash tiles are available in a large-format size of 12x24 inches and also come with coordinating trim in a 12-inch Jolly - which is available in all six colors to add a complete design aesthetic.

This collection is also featured as sustainable tile made from Pre-Consumer Recycled Materials and Post-Consumer Recycled Materials, and American Olean has also built this product in support of third-party approval from Green Squared - the new industry requirements for all sustainable products. The American Olean Graphic Effects Collection is just one of many AO products to receive the Tile Council of North America’s Green Squared Certification, which currently have the stiffest green standards.

All of American Olean’s United States facilities (along with its lone Mexico operation) took part in the third-party review, meaning architects and interior designers are assured by products that meet these new standards and tough requirements. The Green Squared process considers several factors, such as: environmental product characteristics, environmental product manufacturing and raw material extraction, end of product life handling, progressive corporate governance, and innovation - for a complete package that accurately examines the full range of environmental factors.

Shop sustainable American Olean Graphic Effects Collection below.