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American Olean Laurel Heights

Imagine American Olean Laurel Heights in your home

American Olean’s Laurel Heights will not give you vertigo we assure you but might give you a kick in the head with its refreshing take at natural stone offered in glazed porcelain. Just the name Laurel Heights, one of the many different styles of porcelain lines from the American Olean company will inspire you to decorate your home like some long, lost country house in Massachusetts or Maine.

It is the kind of name that may induce memories of beautiful, long fir trees and forests where the snow may look completely in place. The kind of name that may remind you of all the Stephen King stories set in a small town away from the rest of the world while the main protagonist lives in a out of town neighbourhood called Laurel Heights.

But American Olean Laurel Heights will also make you imagine all the beautiful, naturally occurring mineral and stones which are used to make costlier building materials. Even if you have a little house in a place where names like Laurel Heights only exists in storybooks, you can still come up with ideas for your home that may still look posh and upper class.

American Olean’s Laurel Heights have some very interesting things to offer under its post sounding line. They are Elevated Beige, Brown Pinnacle, Gray Summit and Charcoal Crest. These colors come in sizes of 12x24, 12x18 and 2x4 brick joint mosaics.

Imagine having bathrooms or dining halls where you can mix and match the sizes together to make mural like patterns. Even if the space available in your home is small, you can still use the brighter colors under this line such as the Elevated Beige to give your smaller spaces an illusion of vastness. You don’t need to live at a Laurel Heights to experience the feeling of luxury, just use Laurel Heights the glazed porcelain line instead.