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American Olean Medallions

Boring People Steer Clear: Medallions Tiles by American Olean are Loud and Proud

If you’ve spent most of your life trying to blend into the background, American Olean Medallions series is not for you. If your weekly wardrobe consists of black on black and sometimes black, then the Medallions series is not for you. If you insist on standing in the back for group photos and looking at the ground instead of cheesing, then the Medallions series is not for you.

American Olean makes drop dead gorgeous tiles that are just begging to be looked at. They don’t make tiles for the meek, my friend, and the Medallions series just goes to prove that. These natural tumbled stone graphic tiles are impossible to ignore and they are made for people who feel the same way. There are more than seven billion of us now guys, there is no time to be forgettable. Can you hear your mother’s voice in your head: “You’ll never find your forever partner if you go out looking like that! Put some pizzazz in it, shnookums!” Although we don’t always like to admit it, moms are always – always – right. There’s no time for fading into the background. Seize the moment! And while you’re at it seize these stone and porcelain Medallions tiles – they’re a great place to start on your journey to being unforgettable.

American Olean’s Medallions tiles are like a dramatic exclamation point that tops off everything you do; like a maraschino cherry on an ice cream sundae already dripping with gooey chocolate syrup and caramel sauce. This series of compelling stone and porcelain tiles was inspired by the classic art that adorns the finest homes in all the land. You may not be able to afford to even look at art that nice, but you can bring that vibe into your life with Medallion’s carefully crafted and intricately arranged patterns.