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American Olean Method

Plenty of colors to choose from with American Olean Methods

If you the kind of person who is methodical in everything you do, then that little trait of yours might secure you a methodically stunning as American Olean Methods. There seem to be a methodically planned beauty in this color body porcelain line.

The Methods colorbody line from American Olean is that carries Unpolished Field Tile, Polished Field Tile, Textured Field Tile and Mosaic Tiles in the black and white tones. If you want to have a home which has only these contemporary colors but not completely monotonous, then the Methods line which has subtly different tiles under the same color could be the answer.

A modern European design where Polished Field Tile in Structure Cream, Process Beige, Strategic Brown, Taupe Technique, Khaki Approach and System Sable may bring some magazine photo-shoots into your home. A semi contemporary design approach which can be paired with vintage but modern look may do wonders for a person who wants a modern look but still comfortable.

You won’t need fabrics here except for your couches and fittings can look geometric in design where the texture of wood is completely forgotten. All you want to have is big picture windows made with crystal clear looking glass where the outside scenery will make up for the absence of great, big, gaudy things on the wall.

Just imagine having only nature as your inspiration and decoration while the furniture is there out of necessity. At night, you can leave your big picture window open so instead of man made lighting, you can impress yourself as well as your guests with only the moonlight or starlight. You would be creating your own little universe inside your home and American Olean’s Methods will play the background music.