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American Olean Mirasol Glazed Porcelain

American Olean Mirasol Glazed Porcelain

American Olean Mirasol is a symphony of marble inspired tiles! Perfect for countertops, backsplashes, flooring and even pool surrounds, when properly installed, Mirasol even works in freezing and non-freezing environments and looks identical to its stone counterpart!

The Mirasol collection is available in three stunning colorways. For you die hard romantics that can't pass an old statue without reciting some line from Keats or Yates, or Hall and Oats, you will love the classic white and gray of Bianco Carrara!

You haven't lived until you have soaked in a hot bath surrounded by Bianco Carrara, furnished with lots of ferns and some chamber music playing. Not sure how the cello, will fit in your master bathroom, but we're sure you'll manage! For a warm and buttery glow, you will fall in love with the Crema Laila tiles for a touch of Tuscan sunshine any time of day or night! And, if you order now, we'll throw in the hot Italian guy from Under the Tuscan Sun! For a distinguished look, check out the lovely gray pallet of Silver Marble tile. This silver fox of a tile is the love child of George Clooney's charm, and Anderson Cooper's good looks!

With Mirasol's generous array of sizes to choose from, you can easily customize the perfect marble look for your home, or business. 24" x 24" monolithic field tiles make for an impressive entry way, while 12" x 24" field tiles add depth to any room, and 12" x 12" work perfectly in smaller spaces like kitchens and dining areas. 2" x 4" mosaics are ideal for surrounds, backsplashes and accent walls, while 12" x 24" wall tiles add a contemporary touch, along with their more modest sized cousin, 10" X 14" wall tiles.

So don't loose your marbles trying to quarry and import exotic stones to surround yourself with timeless elegance! Simply place your order of American Olean Mirasol tiles with Ecomoso today!