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American Olean Pozzalo Ceramic

American Olean Pozzalo Ceramic

If versatility were a game show, American Olean Pozzalo, a gorgeous travertine inspired ceramic tile collection, would definitely win the grand prize. Oh, and if being green was an Olympic sport, well, Pozzalo would absolutely take home a gold medal. Indeed, there is nothing better than a tile that looks stunning while affording its end-user with those warm-fuzzies that always come about from knowing that Mother Nature was shown a little love throughout the buying process. That said, Pozzalo has been constructed using pre- and post-consumer recyclable waste, making it Green Squared certified. Also, while ceramic seems to have received an unfair connotation of not being as awesome as porcelain, we’ll have you know that this gorgeous collection offers the same breaking strength and level of scratch resistance as porcelain, and it’s commercially rated to boot!

Four colors awesome, American Olean Pozzalo comes in Sail White, a cottony white, Coastal Beige, a lovely sand, Weathered Noce, a beautiful mahogany, and Manor Gray, a perfect silver. Then, here’s where the versatility really comes into play: Pozzalo offers four field tile sizes, which are 18” x 18”, 12” x 12”, 9” x 12”, and 6” x 6”, as well as a stunning 9” x 12” accent piece, a lovely 2” x 2” mosaic, and a whopping 14 trim pieces to select from. Simply put, from start to finish, American Olean Pozzalo has all that you need to make your flooring dream a reality.