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American Olean Relevance

Porcelain tiles rich with ColorBody available in American Olean Relevance

For the kind of personalized service you thought you’d only find in The Devil Wears Prada, check out American Olean’s latest expansion on their ColorBody™ Porcelain offerings: Relevance floor and wall tiles. No these tiles won’t pick up your Trente Skinny half-caff Green Tea Latte with soy and extra foam, but Amreican Olean Relevance tiles are so freaking chic you may be so tickled you’d settle for a lukewarm cup of joe.

Apparently, American Olean has taken up the task of wish granter, gearing their two new Colorbody Porcelain series towards trending features of the flooring world. It’s blowing up in a big way and it’s screaming for more long, linear plank sizes, textured finishes, and a wider variety of dimensions fo’ yo’ flo’. This brand spanking new ColorBody™ Porcelain series boast impressive plank sizes reaching 48 inches in length, a first foray for the American Olean brand into the world of bigger-is-better tiles. If you can willingly drink a trente-sized coffee every morning you can definitely handle a large-format flooring tile.

American Olean Relevance, a fine ColorBody porcelain, has all the star quality of natural stone combined with the lap-dog-like desire to please and a durable, compact surface for the modern man in need of some stylish stomping grounds. Like any good assistant, Relevance Porcelain tiles make the big boss look better. In five subtle shades inspired by nature and unpolished and textured finishes, Relevance has the versatility and functionality to stand up under the pressure of commercial installations combined with the beauty and elegance people want to bring into their abodes. These five shades - Exact Black, Timely Beige, Germane Gray, Contemporary Cream and Essential Charcoal – are available for adoption in impressive 24x48, 12x24 and 24x24 inch formats as well as mosaic options for those randy few who live life on the wild side.