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American Olean Salcedo Ceramic

American Olean Salcedo Ceramic

One of the newest and grooviest ceramic tile collections by American Olean, Salcedo, a glazed ceramic tile collection, is a wonderful alternative for anyone who is feigning for a flawless travertine look, but cries every time they see a travertine price. Oh, hell yeah, there are so many good things to be said about this stunning new collection. For one, Salcedo was concocted by using a very advanced Reveal Imaging technology, an innovation that American Olean utilizes to create a flawless, non-repetitive, replication of natural stone. For two, this lovely series has been put together using both post- and pre-recyclable content, making it a shoo-in for those who are true hippies at heart. The, because things that come in threes are always charming, Salcedo was created for the purpose of affording American Olean customers with yet another hugely viable option for exterior build-outs. Yep, you heard (read?) right: American Olean Salcedo will not only rock your home, it will also rock your pool area, your front walkway, and that garden path that you’ve been meaning to put in for the last four summers.

With three stunning colorways to select from, Salcedo can be found in Durango Cream, a light beige, Cortez Beige, a beautiful shade of sand, and Pueblo Clay, a toasty brown. Also, this sweet collection comes with a perfect amount of size options, which include an 18” x 18”, a 12” x 12”, and 10” x 14” field tile size, as well as a 2” x 2” mosaic, and a matching bullnose. All in all, if travertine has captured your heart, but you’re not willing to sacrifice your wallet, American Olean Salcedo is definitely the answer to your flooring prayers.