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American Olean Satinbrites Ceramic

American Olean Satinbrites Ceramic

From high gloss to matte, between both American Olean Satinbrites and American Olean Satinglo, we are certain that you will be able to find a perfect fit for whatever sassy, sexy, and awesome build-out you are working to put together. Designed with the utmost in versatility in mind, with matching color palettes and opposite finishes, both of these stunning collections can be mixed and matched to create a look and style that truly is uniquely you. In fact, we will go ahead and venture to say that if you’re on this page, you really are seeking something simple yet tractable. In other [smaller] words, we feel it’s safe to guess that you want something that offers plenty of room to play. If this is the case, rest assured that you have come to the right place!

Thirteen lucky colors strong, American Olean Satinbrites and American Olean Satinglo can be found in Ice White, Almond, Marshmallow, Cappuccino, Mushroom, Chili Pepper, French Roast, Dill Pickle, Bimini Blue, Summer Rain, Light Smoke, Storm Gray, and Black. Also, as mentioned before, Satinbrites offers shiny gloss finish while Satinglo delivers a matte surface, and tile sizes include a 2” x 2” mosaic (which is mesh-mounted on 12” x 24” sheets), and a 1” x 1” hexagon mosaic (mesh-mounted on a [roughly] 12” x 12” sheet), along with an impressive line of trim pieces. Really, whatever your simple yet unique design fantasy may require, between American Olean Satinbrites and American Olean Satinglo, your imagine can spring to life!