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American Olean Saxon Metal

American Olean Saxon Metal

American Olean has spend decades been producing some of the industry’s finest porcelain and ceramic tile flooring. Now, like your thirteen-year-old nephew, they're really getting into metal. Of course to American Olean, metal doesn't mean mosh pits, spiked leather bracelets and ostentatious eyeliner, it means gorgeous decorative tile for the floor or wall. While it is debatable whether American Olean’s metal flooring will actually help you rebel against your mean parents, it will definitely add a dose of sleek and sophisticated style to that new kitchen, bath, or dungeon-themed living room. Oh, your living room isn’t dungeon themed? Well, it’s the year 1012, and the dungeon look is totally in. Get with it!

Really, American Olean metal flooring is capable of so much more… think “progressive metal.” The Saxon collection (no relation to the actual heavy metal band of the same name), is one of the most versatile metal tile collections on the market. First, it’s made of genuine iron and bronze – just like that armored breastplate you wore to the Renaissance Fair last weekend. Iron and bronze are some of the toughest materials ever. That goes without saying. So when they’re used as a flooring material, you can be sure they’re going to withstand event the toughest foot traffic. Like when all of your near-knight friends come over in full armor for a pregame quaff of dry sack before the Fair begins. Those spurs would tear a hardwood floor to shreds. Really, Saxon metal tiles look fabulous when they’re installed as accents in a porcelain or ceramic tile layout. They’re also great as backsplashes in modern kitchens. So , if you’re as into metal as American Olean, your nephew, and the Renaissance Fair fan club all are, then this cool collection is definitely for you.

The Saxon Metal collection from American Olean adds the perfect metallic touch to any room. These distinctively modern iron and brass tiles provide a cool and strong sense of style. Saxon genuine metal tiles are made to order, and are ideal for use on floors, countertops, backsplashes and walls throughout the home. Saxon tiles typically measure 4” x 4” or 6” x 6”, and a variety of decorative accent pieces are available to complete the look. Colors include Rustic Field Bronze and Rustic Field Iron.