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American Olean Scene

Step onto the American Olean Scene

For the kind of personalized service you thought you’d only find in The Devil Wears Prada, ch-ch-check out American Olean’s latest expansion on their ColorBody™ Porcelain offerings: Scene floor and wall tiles.  Apparently, American Olean Scene is gearing two new Colorbody Porcelain series towards trending features of the flooring world. This brand spanking new ColorBody™ Porcelain series boast impressive plank sizes reaching 48 inches in length, a first foray for the American Olean brand into the world of bigger-is-better tiles. If you can willingly drink a trente-sized coffee every morning you can definitely handle a large-format flooring tile.

Nothing says “you have made it” like stone floors. Nothing says “I have exquisite taste” like Scene Colorbody Porcelain’s intriguing mixed stone visuals, which give off an air of exquisite depth and visual variation for either high traffic commercial spaces or residential applications. Not only are Scene’s striking aesthetics at first foray in the flooring field, but Scene’s elongated planks, spanning up to 48 inches in width, are a first for the folks at American Olean. If you want to get fancy, you can dip your toes into the Decorative accents pool, featuring sleek graphical interpretation sof patterns found in nature. As if your life wasn’t full of enough minute decision on the regular, these are available in two different finishes, four different colors and five different sizes.