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American Olean Stone Claire Porcelain

American Olean Stone Claire Porcelain

What can we say about Stone Claire? No, not the cold bitch you sat next to in junior high, but the gorgeous ceramic tile from American Olean! Much like the snotty chick you could not stand, something about Stone Claire tiles just makes you wanna walk all over it! But that is where the similarity ends! These travertine inspired stone look beauties are romantic, and modern all at once for a timeless classiness that we suspect your school mate lost when she peaked in high school after she was dumped by the gym teacher.

Choose from three tasteful pallets that reflect the organic grace of nature: the cream and tan striations of Bluff; the rock and stone grays of Ashen; and the amber hues of Russet. All three are made from pre and post consumer recycled materials, so not only do they make your personal environment look better, they are better for our environment! And to make it even better, not only are these ceramic tiles hearty, American Olean Stone Claire tiles are made right her in the USA, so they help keep our economy strong!

Stone Claire tiles offer a great range in sizes starting from gigantic 20" x 20" field tiles, all the way down to 3" x 3" mosaics. Sizes in between include: 13" x 20", 13" x 13", 10" x 14", 6 1/2" x 6 1/2", and 3" x 6" tiles as well. As you can see, with all these options, it is easy to design a cohesive look throughout your home, from the kitchen to the master bedroom, from the bathroom to your patio, from the dining room to the breakfast nook. Place your order of American Olean Stone Claire glazed ceramic tiles with Ecomosso today!