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American Olean Sure Step II & Paver Porcelain

American Olean Sure Step II & Paver Porcelain

A spot-on choice for commercial projects that require a non-slip surface, American Olean Sure Step II and Paver is a wonderful porcelain tile collection that offers an attractive tread option in addition to its high coefficient of friction (cof). In other, less technical, words, this means that unless you literally trip yourself by tangling one foot up in the other, there is really no way that you are going to slip in slide across this tile. That being said, if you live to wear nothing but a button up, underoos, and a pair of socks so that you can slide rockstar style across a floor to the tune of Old Time Rock and Roll, this is probably not the floor for you. Likewise, if you find that you are unable to say the word “treadmark” without snickering, this may have to be a pass as well. Just sayin.

Available in a perfect selection of color and size, American Olean Sure Step II and Paver can be found in beautiful Fawn Gray, a beautiful silver hue, and Red which is, you guessed it, red! Also, both colors are available either with or without treadmarks, field size availability includes a standard 6” x 6” field tile, as well as a perfect variety of trim pieces; with such a fabulous construction of field and accessory sizes, finishing out any project with the likes of this awesome series is sure to be an easy feat.