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American Olean Theoretical

American Olean Theoretical

American Olean Theoretical porcelain tile takes inspiration from the modern, industrial look of cement, then is reimagined and produced through excellent Colorbody™ technology for subtle graphic variation that adds richness and depth not normally seen in cement. You still get minimalist simplicity, but upgraded, and it's just perfect for commercial or urban residential applications. Or, you know, you could be in the country and still make yourself the most amazing urban loft, right? You get the point. Bring the city home with this collection.

Easier to purchase, install, and clean than real cement, this porcelain tile is an urbanite's dream. American Olean Theoretical porcelain tile is the perfect foundation for endless design options in virtually every single room of your home. Available in an incredibly versatile array of 10 hues to complement a range of color palettes and patterns, you can't get out of this one without finding the exact one you need. Choose from a bunch of colors along the neutral and contemporary spectrum in white, beige, brown, gray, copper, and black.

American Olean Theoretical porcelain tile is superb for homeowners, business owners, builders and interior designers alike to complete their urban and cement loving projects. You get to choose from 24" x 24", 12" x 24" , or a fetching 6" x 24" field (floor) tile sizes, as well as a 2" x 2" glazed ceramic mosaic. Use them for nearly everything: floors, walls, backsplashes, surrounds, showers, countertops, and pool linings (mosaics only). Dry or wet, as long as the wet is level. Not suitable for pool decks or ramps, mosaics and cove trim is suitable for exterior applications in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed.

SPECIAL INSTALLATION REQUIREMENT: For proper bonding, medium bed mortar should be utilized in installing tiles with a dimensional length size greater than 20 x 20, large rectangles or tiles with greater dimensional thickness than normal. Back buttering tiles of this nature in the installation process will also assure proper coverage for bonding. A grout release is recommended prior to grouting to prevent finely powdered pigments from lodging in the pores of the surface. Use of a latex modified thinset is recommended for installation.