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American Olean Urban Canvas Ceramic

American Olean Urban Canvas Ceramic

For those of you who want to prove that you really are as awesome as you say you are, American Olean Urban Tones and American Olean Urban Canvas are two of the most killer collections that we have seen to date. Super trendy and incredibly sexy, both of these up-to-the-minute hot collections are sure to knock you off of your feet. In fact, Urban Canvas and Urban Tones both have their goats and onions in hand, and they are getting ready to kick your ass. Oh, yeah, we definitely went there. You see, between the minimalistic bright and matte colors and sassy trim pieces found within the Urban Canvas Collection, and the wide selection of fun and functional colors offered by the Urban Tones collection, without a doubt, end-users of all types are sure to be able to find a perfect answer to any flooring question that they may have.

Starting with American Olean Urban Tones, this collection offers a whopping 25 colors, and our favorites come from the shades in Group 2, with its awesome offering of delicious goodies such as Chili Pepper, Eggplant, and Basil. Then, of course, there’s Urban Canvas, which offers 10 modern colors, in both a bright and matte finishing option, along with a spread of 24 matching decorative liner options. And with all that being said, while you can’t ride home on a bowl of goat, you most certainly can infuse your space with the awesome stylings that both of these collections so effortlessly offer.