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Amtico Vinyl Premium Rib and Stud

Amtico Vinyl Premium Rib and Stud

For the handyman in all of us, Amtico has created their Rib and Stud Collections, both of which are highly textured, one colorway strong, and perfect for any project that needs the utmost in function. To start, Amtico Premium Rib and Amtico Premium Stud have both been created using low VOC (volatile organic compound) technology, and both are 5 layers long, with 40mil wear layers and an easy to clean surface to boot. That being said, who ever said that the garage or the basement can’t have a floor that looks good while providing perks such as being non-slip and easy to clean? Well, don’t look as us! We would never talk any trash like that! Truly, Amtico Premium Rib and Stud make a perfect solution for those areas where safety in step is vital. So why not surprise your boyfriend with a new workshop floor? Or, what’s the harm in transforming your husband’s basement workshop area into a space that looks like a legit hardware store? The answer is that there is no harm and, yes, you should hook your boyfriend up because, as soon as he sees how awesome the floor you chose is, he’ll probably marry you on the spot.

Both Amtico Premium Rib and Amtico Premium Stud come is steel colored varieties. The main difference is that Rib offers a look of linear lines while Stud affords an almost pin-cushion appearance. Additionally, both of these sweet selections can be found in 12” x 12” tile sizes, so infusing whatever space your heart desires is an easy task to manage.