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Anatolia Tile Antico

Anatolia Tile Antico

Meet our new friend: Ana, Ana Tolia... Anatolia Tile Antico that is! She'll be your homes' new bestie, too, with her four beautiful pallets of richly textured porcelain tiles that emulate the classic look of marble! Everything from 18" x 18", 12" x 24", 12" x12", 6" x 6", 2" x 2" mosaics, 2" x 6" mosaics, and 3" x 12" Bullnose tiles for finishing your look with aplomb.

Choose from four colorways in the Anatolia Tile Antico collection: the dove grays of Classic, the gentle neutral pallet of Ivory, the soft warm tans of Sand, and the deep brown tannins of Walnut. Your bathrooms will be opulent lined with large Ivory tiles on the floor and linear rectangular mosaics on the walls. Now you can soak in sheer beauty even as your puppy chews up your Jimmy Choo's and your angelic children set the house on fire. It is amazing how little you can care about the drama that goes on outside of your sanctuary when you are surrounded by so much luxury!

Anatolia Tile Antico may look like the most precious of treasures unearthed from the Roman Empire, but they are far more durable than some old crumbling statue! Porcelain is known for being exceptionally water resistant, having superior hardness, and being very scratch resistant, making this a perfect material to install in your kitchen, backsplashes, countertops, and bathrooms. Plus the cutting edge technology of HD printing makes each Antico Tile look like the real thing no matter how closely you admire them!