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Anatolia Tile Capri

Anatolia Tile Capri

Having Anatolia Tile's Capri collection of glazed ceramic tile in your home is like wearing your favorite pair capris, while drinking a Capri Sun, and vacationing on the isle of Capri! It's a breath of refreshing, kick back, relaxing beauty in the form of beautiful flooring!

Anatolia Capri tiles feature gently dappled tiles in five fabulous colorways that bring the all the mediterranean beauty of far away lands directly into your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, and beyond! Choose from the buff neutral tones of Beige, the romantic pallet of Classico, the sunbaked bronzes of Giallo, soft milky creams of Ivory, and the passionate Italianate browns of Noce.

Capri glazed ceramic tiles come in a large array of dimensions, making them easy to install and design with! Impressive 17 1/2" X 17 1/2" tiles are excellent for entryways, large scale rooms and open floor plans. 13" x13" tiles bring a contemporary scale to medium sized rooms, while using the modern look of rectangular 10" x 13" tiles creates a sense of depth. Finish your look with 3" x 13" Bullnose pieces for a clean and polished edge.

And, with EcoMoso's pricing, you can afford to install Anatolia Capri glazed ceramic tiles and still buy new capri pants for your trip to Capri, as well as have a Capri sun (with a lot of Vodka in it to make it drinkable)! This Summer, you don't have to pick and choose. With a deal like this it's not capricious to want it all when you can have it all!