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Anatolia Tile Classic

Anatolia Tile Classic

The Anatolia Tile Classic collection brings the elegant and timeless look of marble with the peerless performance of porcelain into your home! Whereas marble becomes damaged from exposure to moisture, Anatolia Tile Classic porcelain tiles have a remarkable low water absorption of less than 0.5%! Abrasion and scratch resistant, these tiles also offer good traction even when wet.

The Anatolia Classic collection lets you choose from five unique colorways that provide distinct styles and textures for emulating the many varieties of marble found in nature. Perhaps you would enjoy the cool white look of Carrara shot through with its signature charcoal gray tracings; or the clean and minimalist look of Calacatta with its blindingly white body color and hints of smoky gray occasionally gracing it with its presence. For a different look all together, the solid color body of the Pulpis pieces comes in Gray, Ivory, or Mocha. Their appearance is uncannily like looking at a freshly quarried slab of smoothe stone with mineral traces and fine lines. All of these details come alive because of the use of HD printing technology.

Choose from matte finished tiles in the following dimensions: 18" x 18", 12" x 24", 12" x 12", 3" x 6" as well as 2" x 2" mosaics, and 3" x 12" Bullnose tiles. Perfect for bathrooms, backsplashes, and any areas of high traffic throughout your home. Gloss finished tiles are available in a smart, rectangular 6" x 12" size for a slick look and are perfect on kitchen walls or running the length of a featured hallway.

Which ever style, color and size of the Anatolia Tile Classic collection you choose, you can't go wrong!