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Anatolia Tile Fusion

Abstract Ideas With Fusion Glass Mosaic Tiles

Design rooms that speaks to your visitors in the language of fine art with Anatolia Tile’s Fusion glass mosaic tiles. These linear mosaics are perfect to make rooms seem alive with color and creativity coming in a multiple of color choices. Play with abstract ideas or go for a more structured look in your kitchen, living room, play area, dining and even your sleeping rooms.


You can see that in the Anatolia Tile’s Fusion series, careful consideration has been given in the arrangement of the color mixing in each and every piece. Even if you use these series throughout your home, you will never find it to be dull to look at even after many years. Consider these lovely pieces for your office or commercial interior areas. Think about sitting on the background of office reception areas where your business’s name is prominently displayed in a play of artistic design.


The Anatolia Tile Fusion presents Linear Carbon Mosaic, Linear Clay Mosaic, Linear Erosion Mosaic, Linear Ice Mosaic, Linear Plantation Mosaic, Linear Oxide Mosaic, Linear Rock Mosaic and Linear Sand Mosaic. We love the look of the Linear Oxide Mosaic where cuts of grey blue is mixed in with sand and black colors. Many mixed room designs can be achieved with the use of this particular offering in the Anatolia Tile Fusion series.


If you use these tiles as your background, let’s say in a living room area, furniture can come in light blue velvet upholstery while white curtains with yellows splashes can adorn the windows. Insert in dark wooden pieces in the shape of coffee tables or even light mountings on the wall.


Another favorite of ours is the Fusion Linear Sand Mosaic where the yellow tones of the deserts can be useful in rooms where natural sunlight is present. Children’s room with white furnishing and dark brown carpets will look exceptionally in contrasts and in line with this special color.