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Anatolia Tile Glass and Stone Mosaics

A Bliss Glass & Stone Explosion

Another explosion of creative looking mosaics are seen in the Anatolia Tile’s Bliss Glass Stone Stainless Linear Blend Mosaics. Laying eyes on these series is sure to draw out a gasp even for those know beauty in a conventional style. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you don’t have to install the Anatolia Tile’s Glass Stone Mosaic in order to appreciate its full performance because its natural beauty is already present.


Anatolia Tile’s Glass Stone Mosaic will be a wonderful addition to all kinds of bathroom concepts. So many color variants are presented in this series that you can achieve bathroom concepts in terms of moods, happy, somber, intense, exciting, mellow and many more. These linear cut mosaic tiles are offered as Arctic Night Linear, Deep Grotto Linear, Fossil Rock Linear, Nature Trail Linear, Nordic Storm Linear, Sea Coast Linear, Twilight Mist Linear and Woodland Park Linear.


Nature Trail Linear and Deep Grotto Linear present a delicious look that might be paired with dark browns, blacks, maroons, dark greys, dark blue and even yellow at times. These can be your furniture, which doesn’t necessarily have to have one color. Your dark mahogany wooden furniture might light cushions on them while weaves of cane can bring a lighter side to things if your room has severe angles.


Anatolia Tile’s Sea Coast Linear is an absolutely refreshing presentation where themes where you want to include turquoise in your design scheme will work well. Who doesn’t want to have soft, slowing light fabrics covering balcony entrances when one has a house atop a hill, where the wind and warm breezes are common? Beautiful, modern looking bedrooms where turquoise is featured prominently is a delight that will sooth any somber mood. Why not mix the Nordic Storm Linear with your Sea Coast Linear where turquoise and grey and ash colored little knick-knacks are allowed?