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Anatolia Tile Keaton

Crisp & Cool Collection – Anatolia Tile Keaton

Anatolia Tile is proud to present its latest collection the Keaton, all geared to charm the pants off a whole new set of clients. The cold season is dissipating and a warm season is starting. For many, this is a wonderful tile to take advantage of the warm temperature and go out looking for new homes to move to while for some, this is the time take to do some minor or major remodeling. Thus, this is the perfect time to look at some new collection that is just hot off the press.


Anatolia Tile Keaton is presented in a solid texture and three crisp, color tones that comes in a pearl white, off white and carbon grey. Simple and easy to be matched with fabrics and furnishing that come is a variety of shades and texture. The white-washed pearly color of Ice is excellent for concepts that has clear, simple lines. Think, a white room with while plush sofa, white carpeting and white curtains. We know of people who love the purity of white because then, you know how exactly to find stains!


If you have a house that has dark wooden fencing and separate façade for the main entrance, it is possible to use the Anatolia Tile Keaton Carbon on your leading steps. Goes well with the look of soil and greenery on either side. Alternatively, these carbon cuts are also excellent to go in rooms where industrial lighting make a prominent impact even as sleek pleather furniture steal the show.


The Anatolia Tile Keaton Ivory’s off white is also a candidate for urban dining rooms that come with solid wood dining tables lacquered in black. Long benches make the seating instead of chair, equally Oriental looking and what could be more appropriate than purple flecked orchids to beautify this classic look?


Not only 2 x 2 mosaics are available for Anatolia Tile Keaton collection for backsplash installation but also 13 x 13, 10 x 16 and 8 x 10 cuts for the needs of medium to small sized rooms.