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Anatolia Tile Malena

Cool Upgrade with Anatolia Tile Malena

Cool visuals of marble is what rocks the elegant Malena, the latest offer porcelain from Anatolia Tile. Change is always a good thing because it opens of doors to improve oneself. For what seems like a dull journey in life, perhaps, a new remodeling project will be more than welcoming for both the home and soul. If you had just decided to upgrade your home, nothing will be more suitable than choosing the latest in what the architectural industry has to offer.


With that in mind, have a look at what Anatolia Tile has in store for you under the Malena line. Marble is always a popular choice no matter what decade it is and will never go out of style. You may change your curtains, fabrics, furniture and even your relationship but the marble look will prevail. We are talking about the look that has been here for thousands of years since the Romans walked the earth.


Three absolutely fantastic looking tile designs are available under the Anatolia Tile Malena line. You may choose the Carbon, which has dark veining on top of grey splashes or the almost smooth looking Ice with a more subtle patterns and even the beige tinted Ivory. We love the idea of a room that has half glass walls looking out to a forest. Sunshine and moonlight will be the only intruders here where a writer may take refuge during her quest for new ideas. Under her feet, is the cool feel of Ice or even Carbon and next to her a long, white cabinets filled with books and other research knick-knacks. Another idea that crosses our minds is how the beige tinted Ivory may look like in a 5-star hotel washroom set with black marble sinks and sleek sliver taps. Steal that look for your bathroom if you have the space and get one of the latest designs under the Anatolia Tile Malena for flooring.