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Anatolia Tile Ottomano

Anatolia Tile Ottomano

The posh look of the Anatolia Tile Ottomano collection offers nothing less than jaw dropping elegance! If you don't believe us, we had to get our jaws wired shut just so we could write this review! And you'd better believe that it was not easy for us to keep our big yaps shut! Who knew that the Ottoman Empire's greatest claim to fame was not, in fact, a cushioned foot rest, but these amazing marble-inspired porcelain tiles!

The Ottomano collection features the marble inspired look of quarried stone paired with the unparalleled performance of porcelain tile - known for its durability, scratch resistant, abrasion resistant and extremely low water absorption properties... All of which is to say: you can install Ottomano tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, shower, backsplash, walls, floors...and anywhere you have high traffic. Rest assured, its high class elegance will endure!

Choose from one of five gorgeous colorways in the Ottomano collection! Perhaps you will fall in love with the sylvan grace of Argenta, or be drawn to the classic refinement of Ivory. Maybe the glowing tans of Sand pull you into their warm embrace. The upscale look of Villa is another temptress, while the organic allure of Walnut's tannin inspired pallet cannot be denied!

Ottomano tiles come with either a matte or polished finish. If you like the matte look of the Naturale finish consider the following sizes of tiles for designing with: 18" x 18", 12" x 24", 12" x12", and 6" x 6" pieces as well as 2" x2" or 2" x 6" mosaics. If you prefer the high gloss appearance of Polished porcelain tile, the following dimensions are available: 24" x 24", 18" x18", 12" x 24".

Which ever colors, sizes and finishes you decide upon, one thing is sure: one look at Anatoia Ottomano tiles in your home, and you'll need to have you jaw wired shut, too, or forever go around with a gaping expression on your face! It's a side effect that we feel is well worth living with!