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Anatolia Tile Prato

Anatolia Tile Prato

Anatolia Tile Prato ceramic tile collection captures the simple elegance of mono cottura tile in a way that a cheap holiday can capture the romance back in your dull relationship! Oh yes. Available in matching floor and wall tiles, this sophisticated and versatile collection has taken four popular colors to make a mountain out of a molehill.

If you are not familiar with the mono cottura style, it is the popular Italian term given to single fired tiles. It is the newest method used to produce ceramic tiles. In this process, individual tiles are shaped, glazed and fired in one step, at the same time. The development of this technology has revolutionized the tile industry, improving the quality of the finished product. Anatolia Prato is falls under this category.

The rich stone graphic of Anatolia’s Prato is definitely a beautiful selection for your new home or an existing home’s remodelling project. If you are worried about the pricing just because these ceramic stoneware looks too luxurious for your taste, the 18x18, 10 x 16, 13x13, 8x10 and the mosaic versions are so affordable that you just cannot afford to not getting.

Mega kitchens and little living rooms could both afford to install the Anatolia’s Prato. Cabinets accented with classic moulding and furniture-style details lend timeless traditional style to super elegant kitchen. Add on an Anatolia Prato’s grey shaded and subtle veining of Anthracite and you have a super kitchen in your hands.

At the same time, a dark glaze layered over a creamy white perimeter cabinets would convey a sense of formality when set together with walls installed with Anatolia Prato’s Classico or Ivory. You could enhance the cabinetry' further with fine fluting, shapely legs, and intricate crown moulding.

Anatolia Prato’s Walnut however could be the cream in a living room which is sleek, streamlined but driven by personality to the core. Who says that leopard skin run won’t work with these mono cottura tiles?