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Anatolia Tile Stainless Steel Mosaic

Pasha Stainless Steel Mosaic Invigorates Modernity Lovers

An abundance of creative ideas will strike you when you look at the Anatolia Tile’s Pasha Stainless Steel Mosaic series. Why? Because everything from a futuristic look to the latest, modern and trendy interior decoration styles will come into mind. Forget the old fashioned traditional styles of your mom and dad’s time when wood took precedence and step into the space age where MarsOne is a reality.

  Anatolia Tile’s Stainless Steel Mosaic might make a great kitchen for the MarsOne’s spaceship’s living quarters and it will certainly not look out of place there. With that in mind, you may also opt for a kitchen where appliances and practical functionality takes precedence of splashes of color. Sleek and smooth metal look will invigorate the heart of all metal and modernity lovers.


You can opt to buy appliances that come in steel and metallic colors for your new kitchen, foregoing those cheap, plastic colored looks. Pots and pans would look in place while aluminum space age high chairs could bring a sense of tranquility in the chaos of cooking adventures. The Anatolia Tile Stainless Steel Mosaic presents 6 different types of looks in its series. They are the 2 x 6 and 1 x 4 Brick Mosaic, the 1 x 2 Latern Mosaic, ¾’ Penny Round Mosaics, Random Stacked Mosaic and Random Strip Mosaic.


Use any of these excellent look pieces for backsplashes either paired with stainless steel cabinet styles or white wood ones. The Penny Round can be easily matched as a backsplash with cream brown wooden cabinets too. Black granite countertops for kitchens but porcelain white sinks in a guest bathroom area is possible with these mosaics. Order now to have a the flawless look of steel with these mosaic tiles.