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Anatolia Tile Zera Annex

Anatolia Tile Zera Annex

If you feel like you have not been up to date with the latest trendy styles, then you have to consider Anatolia Tile’s Zera Annexed Rectified porcelain tiles as a starter. Got a remodelling coming up? Or just put that down payment on that little house in the corner you had been eyeing since your senior citizen neighbour when to the big band in the sky? This is your chance to show the world how trendy and fashionable you are with the Anatolia Zera Annexed.

The Anatolia Zera Annexed is appropriate for all parts of your home including bathrooms too. We all know how bathrooms are the one place that some people mistakenly think doesn’t require much of an eye candy. Well, they are totally wrong and eye candy like features you can achieve with these rectified porcelain tiles. Did we already mention how trendy there are too?

Very nice looking neutrals the spectrum of white and grey has been offered here. We would like discover a trendy bathroom area with the shades available under the Anatolia Zera Annexed. A bold and beautiful bathroom which plays on your trendy looking vanity is what we would like to explore. We foresee great fortunes in vanity coming your way with the Anatolia Zera’s Sand or Walnut on the walls. Have these as your backdrop as you stand looking at your own “looking glass”.

The grey area between the shades of Anatolia Zera Bianco and Silver is the Oyster. Create your own little private niche on the shower walls with these particular tiles to place your Evelyn & Crabtree little bottles there. If the shower space is too tiny, try to set the ceiling high to give the illusion of space and totally install Anatolia Zera’s Olive. The subtle ripple like pattern will also help. In case, you do have more than wanted space for your shower, Anatolia Zera Carbon may help to bring the walls closer a bit. All these trendy tiles are only an order away.