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Anderson Antique Walk Hardwood

Anderson Antique Walk Hardwood

Distressed wood is still elegant, like Anderson Antique Walk

Interior spaces are meant to be lived in, and Anderson’s Antique Walk Hardwood series proves that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them looking that way. Unless your name is Martha Stewart, no one expects perfection in the household. If you’re anything like us, before you have guests over to the house you’ll sweep some dirt under the rug and casually drape a throw blanket over the armrest of that sofa you spilled red wine all over last month.

Thankfully, Anderson has created Antique Walk Hardwood flooring for people who believe their interior should have character; in addition to style and class. Distressed wood is a natural element, so of course each piece’s beauty is unique. And as an added bonus, every time you ding or scratch your floors it only adds to its unique factor, giving your space a charming sense of history without making it look worse for wear. So even when you haven’t had time to get your roots touched up your floors will look just as they are meant to: impeccable.

To add to the floor’s personality, Anderson uses only the sturdiest hickory beams for this strapping series. Full of color and texture variation, hickory has a high level of interest. But even more important than its flair factor is its strength. Hickory is one of the hardest woods, and is thus – unlike your mother-in-law—very forgiving. This makes it the perfect foundation for the feet of a blossoming family or a clumsy chef.

Each of the four Antique Walk variations: Copper Kettle, Covered Bridge, Weathervane and Wagon Wheel, are finished with a kind of rustic, timeworn patina that suits both contemporary and classic design schemes to a tee. Plus it is way classier than last year’s laminates, so you may be able to impress your mother-in-law after all.