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Anderson Casitablanca Hardwood

Anderson Casitablanca Hardwood

Anderson Casitablanca will revitilize your floors with character

There are customers who like to opt for hardwood flooring which doesn’t always tally in texture in each plank and Anderson’s Casitablanca is one of those collections. Some hardwood flooring planks may all look smooth and exactly the same but different designs also presents difference in each planks, which is what makes it even more sought after.

Anderson’s Casitablanca hardwood collection is handcrafted for excellence and is purposefully ensured that none of the boards look the same. These handcrafted Spanish Hickory floors are designed to create an exotic yet classic atmosphere for all kind of homes, although themed homes will benefit greatly from it. The Casitablanca is perfect for adding a sense of natural beauty to any lifeless space as these stunning floors will become the focal point of any room.

If you are decorating a home or a space where it is devoid of character, Anderson’s Casitablanca is an excellent way to bring out a sense of warmth and comfort to it. There are five individual finishes to choose from in this collection and you can be sure that these hardwood floors will provide a revitalizing touch to the living spaces while balancing them perfectly between beauty and durability.

The toffee toned Panera design will go wonderfully with exotic Chinese-inspired designs or even a luxurious Indian décor idea. Think about having chinoiserie and saree borders set in your fabrics. The First Light offers glowing amber hues suited for traditional designs while the Galleon is a fiery red color looking spectacular under natural lighting. Both may go well with heavy off-white fabrics and carved furniture for an ultra-sophisticated design. The Brackish is a dark brown with amber tones twinkling through that looks lovely with gold accents. Thinks French and Baroque and you will never look back. Also available are Vera Cruz, Forged Bronze, Monterrey Grey, Marina Del Mar and Hammered Clove.