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Anderson Chestnut Hill Hardwood

Anderson Chestnut Hill Hardwood

Anderson Chestnut Hill is a remembrance of a beautiful past

Nostalgia and remembrance of the past is what you will get with Anderson’s Chestnut Hill hardwood collection. If you had wondered about how beautiful looking hardwood seen in black and white photos from a hundred years ago, well this is your chance now. The Anderson Chestnut Hill collection is a durable hickory that will look gorgeous throughout the entire house no matter how big or small it is.

This particular hardwood collection offers warm tones that evoke nostalgic memories of simpler times and recreating the charm and elegance of historic design. Now, you can recreate the history of those black and white photos with Anderson’s Chestnut Hill collection. The naturally occurring characteristics and flaws of hardwood are not just seen but celebrated in this collection, with its decorative grains, knotholes, and mineral streaks.

This engineered wood features beveled edges and hand scraped boards with slight shade variation for a natural look for aesthetics. You may purchase Anderson’s Chestnut Hill hardwood collection in the durable 3/8” thickness which ensures a tough product to go along with your busy lifestyle. Family homes where dog’s barking and children’s laughter is what the Chestnut Hill is made for because all these characters will play a part in making the history that you are seeking in your home.

You can bet Anderson’s Chestnut Hill collection is versatile and inviting, a perfect addition to your happy home, where history will be made. Choose from three earthy tones reminiscent of times long gone, such as Winchester, a dusky gray and brown tone that is lovable with vintage design inspirations.

The Cambridge offers an auburn tone that works well with natural lighting such as sunrises and sunsets. Your bedrooms will be one of the choice places. The Saratoga, offers beige tones that mesh with designs inspiration like country, cottage, or shabby chic. With a width of 5” and varying lengths based on your design specifications, the hardwood floors from the Chestnut Hill collection can look stunning throughout the entire house.